Mojave Family Healthcare

During the COVID 19 pandemic, we are authorized to use tele health visits (video-phone visits) in place of visits that usually take place in the clinic. Listed below are the technologies we have available with links on how to set them up. We are encouraging use of this technology whenever possible.
In some cases, you may be asked to come to the clinic as we need to perform a physical exam for full evaluation.
Please, call for details. (928) 768 - 9496

FACETIME, available on all APPLE phones, iPads and computers, it is easy to use and secure. This is our preferred method as the office uses all Apple technology. For instructions on how to set up and use on iPhones, iPads , and Apple computers, go HERE.

SKYPE, available on all smart phones (Apple, and Android based) as well as tablet, laptop and desktop computers. Skype is an app that needs to be downloaded and installed on your device, there are versions available for most phones, tablets and computers. You can go HERE to download the application from the Microsoft website, and HERE for instructions on use.

FACEBOOK VIDEO MESSENGER, available on any platform the app is downloaded at the usual place for your device. Install and open the app.

The office will call prior to the appointment to ensure you are ready and give final instructions on how to start the visit.

If you use other means of making video calls to your family, or, whoever, please, let us know and we will try to use the technology that you are most comfortable with.